Foto vom Studientag für die Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften. Foto: KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, 2010.
Study Day with students of the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Photograph: Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, 2010. (ANg 2014-525)

Study Day (and Study Day Plus)

The Study Day programme for adults includes a thematic introduction, a tour of the exhibitions and grounds and the opportunity to explore a main theme in small groups in the Centre for Historical Studies or the Open Archive. Using the photographs, documents, films, books and other materials available there for research, the groups can create short presentations that can be discussed in the class. Along with those Study Days introducing various themes relating to the camp, we also offer Study Days focusing on certain countries, the actions of public institutions and their employees under the Nazis, or the culture of remembrance and how society has dealt with Nazi persecution and the Holocaust. The Study Day Plus allows participants to engage with specific questions in further depth in a seminar setting.

Study Day
Duration: 6 hours
Fee: €120 per group of adults 

Study Day Plus
Duration: 7 hours
Fee: €130 per group of adults 

Selected introductory Study Days:

The Economy of Slave Labour: Dimensions of Slave Labour in National Socialism and Reparations after the War

This study day focuses on the many dimensions of slave labour during the Nazi period. We discuss the victims of slave labour as well as those who profited from their work. We also talk about the fact that it took decades for former slave labourers to receive any compensation, and we look at how they have been treated politically since 1945, especially those from Eastern and south-eastern Europe.

Duration: This programme is available either as a 6-hour study day or as a three-day seminar.

Football in concentration camps and the Nazi society

This study day focuses on the biographies of the victims of the Nazi regime as well as the perpetrators. Participants will deal with the meaning and purpose of football in relation to concentration camps and the Nazi society. The program was designed primarily for football fans, but also teams and employees working for football clubs and leagues as well as school classes interested in football.

Duration: 7 hours (by arrangement shorter)

The Rescue of Scandinavian Prisoners on the “White Buses”

This study day is recommended for formal and informal educators in secondary and higher education and is also open to interested groups. The subject of this course is the different points of view of those involved in the rescue of the Danish and Norwegian concentration camp prisoners by the Swedish and Danish Red Cross in the so-called White Buses operation, which took place shortly before the end of war. We will also focus on the culture of remembrance in the different countries in question.

Duration: This programme is available either as a 7-hour study day or as a two-day seminar.

The Situation of the Soviet POWs in Neuengamme Concentration Camp

The German Wehrmacht captured 5.7 million soldiers of the Red Army between 1941 and 1945. Roughly 3.3 million of these soldiers were murdered either by the Wehrmacht, the Gestapo, the SD (the Security Service) or the SS. This Study Day is about the Soviet POWs who were transported to Neuengamme concentration camp from the military POW camps in the Lüneburger Heide. Many were sent to Neuengamme only to be murdered as soon as they arrived, while others were exploited as slave labourers.

Duration: 6 hours.

We also offer various Study Days for adult groups on the actions of public institutions under the Nazis as well as training courses and seminars on other subjects.