Bild der Konferenz im Studienzentrum. Foto: Michael Kottmeier, 2005.
Conference in the Centre for Historical Studies. Photograph: Michael Kottmeier, 2005. (ANg 2014-452)


The Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial is an important centre of learning for all of Europe. It is a place where people from Germany and abroad can meet and discuss with one another and conduct comprehensive research on historical events and their consequences.

Visitors who want to find out more about certain individuals or historical events (for the sake of better understanding the exhibitions, or for their own research projects) can visit the Memorial archive and library. Many international conferences, seminars and further education courses organised by the Centre for Historical Studies also offer researchers the opportunity to present their work. The Research and Exhibitions Department regularly designs exhibitions that are displayed in the Hamburg City Hall on the Day of Remembrance for Victims of National Socialism (International Holocaust Remembrance Day). These exhibitions feature the latest research on various aspects of Nazi persecution in northern Germany.

The Memorial also publishes scholarly research either in one of its publication series or as an individual book.