Foto von Samson Munn (USA) auf der Konferenz „Umgang mit nationalsozialistischer Täterschaft“. Foto: Mark Mühlhaus, attenzione photographers, 2013.
Samson Munn (USA) at the conference "How the Families of Both Perpetrators and Victims, and Society at Large, Have Dealt with Nazi Crimes from 1945 to the Present Day". Photograph: Mark Mühlhaus, attenzione photographers, 2013. (ANg 2014-457)

Centre for Historical Studies

The Centre for Historical Studies organises conferences, seminars, further education courses and lecture series that focus on researching and educating about National Socialism, the concentration camp system and how this history was dealt with after the war. For this purpose, the Centre cooperates closely with many scholarly institutions and memorial sites in Germany and abroad.

The Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial regularly meets with other memorial sites and research institutions to discuss the latest developments in the culture of remembrance and historical-political education. Together, we explore issues such as multicultural society and immigration and how history is experienced. By studying Nazi perpetrators and the choices they made, we reflect on values and forms of human action. We also analyse how dealing with Nazi persecution affects families and society, how society changes and how the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the war generation approach National Socialism.

The results of these discussions are also featured in the Memorial’s publications Neuengammer Kolloquien, Neuengammer Studienhefte and Beiträge zur Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgung in Norddeutschland.

Publications of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial.

The Memorial also assists students with academic theses and can provide accommodation for visiting scholars who want to do research here. Please contact the Centre for Historical Studies for more information.

Regular conferences:

Neuengamme Colloquium
Once a year the "Neuengamme Colloquia" offer young scholars researching the history of the Neuengamme concentration camp as well the issue of remembering National Socialist crimes the chance to meet and discuss these topics. Current researches in the field of education and findings of externally funded projects as well as individual research projects will also be part of the program. All researchers in this field should use the opportunity to present their projects and findings to the public.

Conference for Neuengamme Satellite Camp Memorials
This conference held every two years is an opportunity for the staff of Neuengamme satellite camp memorials to network and exchange ideas about current issues. The primary goal of this conference is to take stock and discuss experiences.

Other offers:

The forum “Future of Remembrance” is offered regularly. Since 2015, it has been a part of the commemorative events marking the anniversary of the liberation in May. Its purpose is to connect and prompt discussion on the question of the future of commemoration of the victims of National Socialism. Once a year, conferences take place which provide the basis for the publication “Beiträge zur Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgung in Norddeutschland (Contributions to the History of National Socalist Persecution in Northern Germany)” issued by the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial. Moreover, the Center for Historical Studies organizes conferences on various topics, which often take place in cooperation with other institutions.