Digital memorial visits are now bookable. Foto: Bildschirmaufnahme des Trailers

Adolescent groups have the option of getting to know the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial online, with educator support, through an interactive and participatory approach. The formats are mainly geared towards the time and topic requirements of school classes and provide an introduction to the history with the help of video clips, among other things. In dialogue with the team members and in working groups, participants are able to study the subject matter in more detail through selected topics on Nazi persecution and the system of concentration camps. 

Outside times of pandemic-related restrictions to the on-site education programme, the digital offers are aimed first and foremost at institutions and groups for whom on-site visits are either not possible or possible only with difficulty. Shorter digital formats are also well suited as preparation for an analogue visit. 

Duration: 1½ – 6 hours, in some cases spread over several days

Costs: variable, depending on duration


  • Stable internet connection  
  • One internet-enabled device per person with headphones/headset
  • Consent to activate the camera