„Został ze mnie tylko cień. A może dlatego przeżyłam, że byłam bardzo młoda.“

Krystyna Razińska, Poland, report 1990

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Daniel Cartwright

Follow me through my year as a volunteer

TikTok  From the beginning I was able to be a part of the team that began the first TikTok account for a Concentration Camp Memorial and one highlight was the success of the TikTok account and…

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(Last) Signs of Life

At a few of the destinations of national socialist deportations from Hamburg and Northern Germany the deportees were allowed to write postcards. This was the only opportunity to make contact with…

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Detlef Garbe retires

Detlef Garbe was born in 1956 in Göttingen and studied history, religious studies and education at the University of Hamburg. In 1982 he was one of the founders of the project group for the forgotten…

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Please note if you are travelling by public transport

From Sunday, 12 June 2022, the bus station at Bergedorf station will be closed for an estimated six months. During this time, the buses will stop at alternative stops in the surrounding area. This…

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"Don't forget! Kharkiv" cooperates with the Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centres

A team of progressive historians Svitlana Telukha, Ihor Dvorkin and Volodymyr Kramskyi developed "Don't forget! Kharkiv" in 2020.  The platform provides educational resources for scholars,…

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