„Został ze mnie tylko cień. A może dlatego przeżyłam, że byłam bardzo młoda.“

Krystyna Razińska, Poland, report 1990

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New Online Exhibition #WhatDoYouWantToDo? (#Waswillstdutun?)

Trailer for the Online-Exhibition #WasWillstDuTun? 77 years ago, the National Socialist regime was defeated. This marked the end of the Second World War in Europe. But the period of National…

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Report on the 8th Forum "Future of Remembrance"

The "Future of Remembrance" forum began with an offer for relatives to take part in a research seminar with archivist Franciska Henning. In the first part of the public programme, Dr Susann Lewerenz,…

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Our friend Hédi Fried has passed away

Up until her later years, Hédi Fried fought tirelessly against right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism, as well as for a democratic and humane society. This why she, along with her younger…

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Damage to the memorial for the victims of Meensel-Kiezegem

The monument, created by artist May Claerhout, is dedicated to the murdered residents and their mothers and widows. It shows a grieving woman who has to bear the responsibility for her house and child…

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In remembrance of Paula Schemiavitz

In 1932 Paula Sledzik was born as the youngest child in a Jewish family of eight children. The family ran a clothing factory in Łódź. Paula was only seven years old when German troops invaded Poland.…

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