“My friend (…) told me when he arrived: ‘I won’t survive this more than three months.’ And indeed, three months later, he was dead.”

Georges Jidkoff, France, interview 1987


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Visiting the Memorials in Times of the Coronavirus

Please check our calendar of events for the latest information on our events. Some events will be take place digitally. While the grounds of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial are accessible,…

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Our friend Haim Liss has passed away

Haim Liss was born on March 25, 1931 in Łodz into a Jewish family. After the occupation of Poland by the German Wehrmacht, he and his family were initially imprisoned in the Litzmannstadt Ghetto. From…

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Yevgeny Malychin has passed away

Born in 1924, he was deported to Bremen in 1942 for forced labour. After an unsuccessful escape attempt, he was brought to the Neuengamme Concentration Camp, from there into the Wittenberge sub-camp…

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The "Space to Remember, Connect and Support" was opened

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, a limited number of people were able to be present at the memorial to see the ceremonial opening. The event was shared live on Instagram and on Zoom to allow as many…

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Report on the first Digital Workcamp “Was bleibt/What remains”

From the 5th to the 19th of August 2020, 14 participants and 2 supervisors/guides from four different continents worked together digitally. The participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, India,…

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