Guides accompany groups on their visit Photo: SHGL, Mark Mühlhaus, attenzione photographers, 2021

Guided Tours and Projects for Adults


The three-hour Project is the basic programme for groups visiting the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial. A Project includes a thematic introduction and a tour of different sites on the Memorial grounds. In addition to the main exhibition and the former prisoners’ barracks, other parts of the grounds – the brick factory, the branch canal or the commandant’s house – as well as the International Monument and the House of Remembrance can also be explored. Based on the group’s interests, the main focus of the Project can be either on the main exhibition or the grounds.

Duration: 3 hours
Fee: €80 per adult Group (foreign language) 
Number of participants: Up to 25 people

Guided Tour of the Grounds and Main Exhibition

During our two-hour guided tour, groups can visit two key sites on the grounds of the former concentration camp – we suggest the extensive main exhibition and the former prisoners’ barracks. This overview provides you with a basis for exploring the grounds or the other exhibitions on your own.

We also offer two-hour guided tours at each of the three branches of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial in Hamburg: Bullenhuser Damm Memorial, Poppenbüttel Prefabricated Building Memorial and the Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp and Penal Facility 1933–1945 Memorial.

Duration: 2 hours
Fee: €70 per adult group ( from 01/01/2021: €80)
Number of participants: Up to 25 people