12/18/2020 News

The Reflections Blog of the Amicale Internationale KZ Neuengamme

The Amicale Internationale KZ Neuengamme is pleased to introduce two new staff members for the Reflections blog. Since mid-November, Gyde Sönksen and Jonas Reinhardt have been supporting the Reflections blog and its social media presence as student volunteers.

The Reflections blog (https://reflections.news/) is a multilingual, cross-generational blog that provides a platform for exchange for all those whose family history was affected by Nazi crimes. The goal of the blog is to contribute to a sustainable future of memory.

Although the blog "Reflections on Family History Affected by Nazi Crimes" initially addresses descendants of Nazi victims of persecution, it also aims to encourage people without a biographical connection to Nazi victims of persecution who are dealing with their family history between 1933 and 1945 to share their personal stories in order to be able to present the impact of Nazi crimes on today's generations as comprehensively as possible. The blog's goal is to publish stories of people whose ancestors are not from Europe, but whose family history was nevertheless shaped by the Nazi era.

Martine Letterie, president of the Amicale, emphasizes the importance of the blog, especially in times of the pandemic: "Now that we can't see each other 'live', the blog is especially important for us as descendants. This is where we meet virtually. Here we can share our family stories so they won't be forgotten. Here we can tell what it means to us to be descendants."

Since 2015, the blog has featured posts about personal stories from guest authors, articles about activities of supporter organizations, and about current projects. In order to contribute the active remembrance with the Reflections blog, the editors depend on people who would like to share their family stories.

Gyde Sönksen manages the guest authors. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please contact her directly (e-mail: g.soenksen@reflections.news ). Her motivation for contributing to the Reflections blog is primarily based on her interest in visualizing individual experiences and their effects on the actions of future generations in order to understand social structures and discourses. Out of this interest, she is currently also studying cultural sociology at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Reflections Blog also has a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Jonas Reinhardt (e-mail: j.reinhardt@reflections.news) manages these two channels and is responsible for creating the newsletter. He also conducts interviews with all those who like to tell their family story, but do not want to write it down themselves. He is particularly interested in the different stories and how to convey them, so as to raise and create awareness of the importance of remembering, especially among younger generations. He is currently studying Culture of the Metropolis at the HafenCity University Hamburg.