Osnabrück (2nd SS Construction Brigade)

In October 1942, the 2nd SS Construction Brigade (II. SS-Baubrigade) consisting of 1,000 prisoners was assembled in Neuengamme concentration camp. Concentration camp prisoners had been used in SS construction brigades since autumn 1942 to clear rubble, recover bodies and defuse bombs after Allied bombing raids on cities in western and north-western Germany. These prisoners were usually under the command of the concentration camp authority closest to their place of deployment.

The 2nd SS Construction Brigade was based in Bremen, but a satellite camp with a branch of the brigade was established in Osnabrück on 17 October 1942 with 250 prisoners. They were forced to carry out clearance and recovery work after air raids until they were moved back to Bremen in early May 1943. 86 of the 250 prisoners died of starvation and maltreatment.

The first commander of the satellite camp was SS-Oberscharführer Brinkmann. He was replaced in November 1942 by SS-Oberscharführer Walter Döring, who was followed by SS-Hauptscharführer Gerds in February 1943. Osnabrück City Council provided the guards.


17 October 1942 to May 1943

Number of Prisoners

250 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Clearance work

Labor on Behalf of

Osnabrück City Council, Bremen Construction Authority



Heger Friedhof
Rheiner Landstraße 168
49078 Osnabrück

Directions by public transportation: Take Bus  10, 15 or 20 from Neumarkt to the “Heger Friedhof” stop.


Around 300 victims who are known by name from various satellite camps of Neuengamme concentration camp (2nd SS Construction Brigade, Meppen, Lengerich) are buried in Heger cemetery. Though there are several “fields of honour” commemorating the dead of different nations, there is no indication that these victims include concentration camp prisoners.


Heger Friedhof
Rheiner Landstraße 168
49078 Osnabrück

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