On 8 February 1945, around 500 Jewish women from Czechoslovakia arrived at the Hamburg-Tiefstack camp from the Hamburg-Neugraben satellite camp.

Huts had been set up to house the women in the grounds of the Diago plant on Andreas-Meyer-Straße. The women were forced to manufacture concrete slabs for makeshift housing at the Diago plant and the cement factory in Tiefstack. They also had to clear rubble in southern Hamburg and Buxtehude for the construction company Möller. The women additionally dug anti-tank ditches for defending the city of Hamburg and cleared snow in the centre of Hamburg.

The Tiefstack camp was destroyed by Allied bombs on 20 March 1945. The number of women who died in this attack is not known. On 7 April 1945, the SS took the surviving prisoners to the Bergen-Belsen “reception camp”.

The commander of the Hamburg-Tiefstack satellite camp for women was SS-Hauptscharführer Friedrich-Wilhelm Kliem. 


8 February 1945 to 7 April 1945

Number of Prisoners

500 Female Prisoners

Kind of Work

Clearance and construction work

Labor on Behalf of

Diago plant, Tiefstack cement factory, Möller, Deutsche Bau A.G.



Andreas-Meyer-Strasse 11
22113 Hamburg