The Bremen-Neuenland satellite camp near Bremen airport operated from 16 August to late November 1944. Because the prisoners here were deployed primarily by the head construction department of the Kriegsmarine (German navy) to build a bunker around a dry dock belonging to the Deschimag (Deutsche Schiffs- und Maschinenbau AG) shipyards, the prisoners also called this the "Bremen-Kriegsmarine" work commando. However, Deschimag itself was primarily responsible for the work on site and for distributing the prisoners.

The submarine bunker – which was constructed by prisoners from the Bremen-Blumenthal and Bremen-Schützenhof satellite camps as well – was given the code name "Hornisse". Submarine parts were to be produced here and then shipped across the Weser River to Bremen-Farge to be installed in the "Valentin" dockyard. The completed "Hornisse" bunker would have been 360 metres long and 60 metres wide. It was not finished by the end of the war, so production never began.

The commando consisted of 1,000 men, most of whom were French or Soviet prisoners. The prisoners were brought to their workplace via a roughly five-kilometre-long route through various parts of Bremen. They were usually transported on lorries.

The commander of the satellite camp was SS-Obersturmführer Hugo Benedict, who was also the SS base leader for the satellite camps in Bremen.

On 28 November 1944, the camp was cleared because of its distance from the submarine bunker, and the entire commando was transferred to the new Bremen-Osterort (Hornisse-Riespott) satellite camp.


16 August 1944 to 28 November 1944

Number of Prisoners

1000 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Construction of the "Hornisse" submarine bunker

Labor on Behalf of

Head construction department of the German navy, Deutsche Schiffs- und Maschinenbau AG (Deschimag)



Grounds of the former camp: Neuenlander Straße 83, 28199 Bremen

Submarine bunker: Bremen-Gröpelingen, Kap-Horn-Straße 18, 28237 Bremen, Germany.



Since 1984, there has been a memorial plaque on the grounds of the Bremen steel works (known as "Klöckner-Hütte Bremen" until 1994). The plaque was initiated by the "Kollegengruppe der Klöckner-Hütte Bremen" ("Workers of Klöckner-Hütte Bremen").

The "Hornisse" submarine bunker, which was constructed by many of the prisoners in this satellite camp, is now the foundation of an administrative building for a haulage company. There is nothing on the site to indicate the history of the location.


Auf den Dehlen 35
28237 Bremen