05/10/2021 News

We mourn the death of Karl Salling Møller

Yesterday we received the news that our friend Karl Salling Møller passed away in Denmark at the age of 96.

At the time of the occupation of Denmark by German troops in 1940, Karl Salling Møller was barely 15 years old. From 1943, he took part in the resistance against the occupiers, was arrested and deported via Ålborg, Copenhagen and Frøslev to the Neuengamme concentration camp in October 1944. Among other things, he had to perform hard forced labor in the Meppen-Versen sub-camp and fell seriously ill. In the spring of 1945, he was returned to Neuengamme and liberated from there on April 20, 1945, as part of the Swedish Red Cross’ White Buses rescue operation.

Karl Salling Møller did not speak for a long time about what he had experienced in Germany. After a severe stroke in which he lost his ability to speak, his doctor encouraged him to regain the language by talking about the concentration camp period. It worked. Subsequently, Karl Salling Møller became involved in the Danish survivors' association "Landsforeningen af kz-fanger fra Neuengamme," among others.

In 2019, he and his daughter visited the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial for the last time. He told of the nightly air alarms during which all the prisoners were crowded together in the basement of the eastern sector of the Klinkerwerk – a situation he never forgot and which still tormented him.

We will miss Karl Salling Møller. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.