In the Goslar satellite camp, which in SS documents was referred to as the "SS Main Construction Office Goslar" (SS-Bauleitung Goslar), held 15 prisoners of different nationalities. From 20 October 1944, they were probably used for office work in the camp of huts belonging to the "SS Intelligence, Replacement and Training Department III" (SS Nachrichten-, Ersatz- und Ausbildungsabteilung III). The concentration camp prisoners were also housed in these huts. One prisoner is known to have died in the Goslar camp.

On 25 March 1945, the prisoners were "evacuated" from Goslar. To this day, it is not known whether they were taken to Neuengamme main camp or to the POW camp in Sandbostel.


20 October 1944 to 25 March 1945

Number of Prisoners

15 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Probably office work

Labor on Behalf of

SS Main Construction Office Goslar


Cemetery of the Protestant congregation of Hahndorf on Försterbergstraße (Kreisstraße 33), 38644 Goslar, Germany.


After the war, the camp of huts was initially used as a refugee camp. Later, the grounds were occupied by a construction company.

A slate memorial plaque was unveiled on a retaining wall at the entrance to Hahndorf cemetery in 1990. The plaque commemorates Henry Jens Sörensen, who died in the Goslar satellite camp, as well as two prisoners who died in a satellite camp of Buchenwald concentration camp. The plaque was installed on the initiative of the local Social Democrats (SPD) and financed by the Protestant congregation of Hahndorf.