In October 1944, the SS established a satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp in Engerhafe in the Aurich district of East Frisia. From 21 October 1944, 2,000 men were forced to dig anti-tank ditches and build fortifications for the "Friesenwall" coastal defence line north of Aurich. The work was commissioned by the Reich Defence Commissar (Reichsverteidigungskommissar) in Military District X (Wehrkreis X). Each day, the prisoners marched two kilometres from the camp to the Georgsheil railway station, where they were forced into cattle cars. Before reaching the station at Aurich, they had to disembark and march through the town to their workplaces. Later they were led to work outside of the residential areas because a growing number of residents had complained about the sight of the starving prisoners.

At least 188 men died and were buried at the local cemetery in Engerhafe. The vast majority of them were from Poland and the Netherlands.

On 22 December 1944, the SS cleared the camp and transported the prisoners back to the Neuengamme main camp.

The commander of the satellite camp was SS-Oberscharführer Erwin Seifert, one of the few ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe in a position of leadership.


21 October 1944 to 22 December 1944

Number of Prisoners

2000 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Construction of fortifications and anti-tank ditches ("Friesenwall" project)

Labor on Behalf of

Reich Defence Commissar in Military District X



KZ-Gedenkstätte Engerhafe, Kirchwyk 5, 26624 Südbrookmerland, Germany.

Directions by public transportation: Take a bus from Aurich bus station in the direction of Emden or Norden to the "Georgsheil" stop; or take a bus from the main railway station in Emden in the direction of Aurich or Norden to the "Georgsheil" stop. 


In the 1950s, a "field of honour" was established in the Engerhafe parish cemetery for the 188 concentration prisoners who died in the Engerhafe satellite camp (because of reburials, there are now only 137 graves). In 1989/90, the Südbrookmerland council erected a memorial stone with two name plaques in this part of the cemetery at the prompting of students participating in a project at the secondary school in Aurich.


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