„Там была такая арка из решетки и колючей проволоки, как в цирке, когда зверей выводят на арену“.

Boris Musikantik, Latvia, interview 2003


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Visiting the Memorials in Times of the Coronavirus

Please check our calendar of events for the latest information on our events. Some events will be take place digitally. While the grounds of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial are accessible,…

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Laszlo Berkowits (1928-2020)

Laszlo Berkowits was born in Derecske, Hungary, in 1928 to a Jewish Orthodox family. He had three sisters and one brother. In July 1944, the family was arrested and deported to the Auschwitz…

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We mourn the death of Roman Kamieniecki

Roman Kamieniecki was born in Warsaw on 7 August 1925. As a young man, he resisted the German occupiers by committing acts of sabotage as part of the Polish underground army Armia Krajowa. Arrested by…

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Snow in Summer: The Future of Remembrance

"I grew up not too far from the castle. My grandparents told me stories about snow in the summer, which were actually the ashes of burned corpses." (Susanne, Guide at Hartheim Castle) The generation…

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Soldiers as Concentration Camp Guards

According to the 1978 Holzmann Amendment of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, residence in the U.S. is prohibited for those involved in persecution actions of the Nazi regime. Already in…

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