“I was just a shadow of my former self in the end. And perhaps I only survived because I was very young.”

Krystyna Razińska, Poland, report 1990

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Photo; SHGL, 2020

Guided tours bookable again

Against this backdrop, we have again been offering various types of group tours, amongst other things, since 7th June 2021. The relevant regulations are always observed. Outside events Supervised…

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We are happy to welcome a new team member!

Juliane already has extensive experience in historical and political educational work. After completing her bachelor's degree in history and social science at the University of Erfurt, Juliane worked…

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Shoa survivor Helga Melmed’s visit to Hamburg

Shortly before the end of the war she was transferred to Bergen-Belsen and was liberated there on 15th April 1945. She then was brought to Sweden to recover and later emigrated to the USA where she…

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New rules for visiting the memorials of the Foundation as of October

When visiting the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial and the Poppenbüttel Memorial, the following arrangements relating to limiting of contact and the keeping of…

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Ich hatte einst ein schönes Vaterland – Report on a literary chamber music matinée

The event opened with a solo clarinet before the entrance of Knižka and the first reading. This set the scene for the rest of the performance, with the transitions between reading and music being…

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