“I was just a shadow of my former self in the end. And perhaps I only survived because I was very young.”

Krystyna Razińska, Poland, report 1990

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We mourn the death of Nachum Rotenberg

Nachum Rotenberg was born in 1928 to a Jewish baker's family in Łódź, Poland. He experienced anti-Semitism at an early age and grew up under harsh conditions in the Litzmannstadt ghetto after the…

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We mourn the passing of Erika Estis, née Freundlich

We are very moved by the news of Erika Estis’ death, as we were honoured and privileged to have known her well. She had always shown a great deal of interest in the remembrance work in her native city…

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Year-end Circular Letter 2022/2023

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear Friends, For the first time, this review of the Foundation’s events and activities in 2022 does not come from the pen of Prof. Dr Detlef Garbe, the long-time director of…

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Exhibition in Hamburg City Hall: "Death is always among us".

Riga was the centre of Jewish life in Latvia. With the invasion of German troops in July 1941, the city became a destination for deportations and the scene of Nazi extermination policies. Members of…

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New Online Exhibition #WhatDoYouWantToDo? (#Waswillstdutun?)

Trailer for the Online-Exhibition #WasWillstDuTun? 77 years ago, the National Socialist regime was defeated. This marked the end of the Second World War in Europe. But the period of National…

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