06/02/2021 News

Guided tours bookable again

After a long period of closure the memorials of the Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centres are open again. According to the current COVID-19 regulations, events are also possible under certain conditions.

Against this backdrop, we have again been offering various types of group tours, amongst other things, since 7th June 2021. The relevant regulations are always observed.

Outside events

  • Supervised public outdoor events such as thematic tours, bicycle tours, and boat trips will be offered again. There is a limit of 20 persons for accompanied group events in the outdoor area. Masks are not required but the requirement to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other and from the guide applies. A COVID test certificate is not required but prior registration for all events is necessary.

Indoor events

  • Indoor events can have up to 50 people present, as long as they can can provide proof that they have been tested, vaccinated or that they have recently recovered from COVID-19 (the so-called 3G rule). Masks are required and all participants must observe the rules around keeping a 1.5 metre distance from one another as well as keeping a 2.5 metre distance from the lectern. Prior registration for these events is required.
  • In the exhibitions, guided tours are limited to 15 people and masks are required. For the Poppenbüttel and Fuhlsbüttel memorials and the info pavilion at denk.mal Hannoverscher Bahnhof, guided tours are not offered indoors due to limited exhibition space. For the Neuengamme and Bullenhuser Damm memorials, group tours will again be offered, included those offered within the framework of educational programs (see next point).
  • Work with limited study groups (e.g. school classes) is allowed and tours can also be booked again through the museum service. For educational offers bookable through the museum service and the study centre, a limit of 15 persons (including the accompanying person) applies from 7th June 2021 until further notice. School classes and trainees can only come if they are regularly tested twice a week, have recovered or have been vaccinated (3G rule). Groups for whom this does not apply must prove on site that they have tested negative, recovered or are fully vaccinated. This also applies to participants in seminars such as the research and conversation seminar or continuing education courses.
  • All pre-booked groups must bring a fully filled out list of attendees which will be verified on site.
  • Additionally, individual visits to the memorial sites are possible at any time during opening hours. Please register using the Luca app or by writing down your details on site.
  • The visitor service takes care that the specified number of visitors allowed in the exhibitions is not exceeded. At this time we ask you to please refrain from unannounced group visits, or to limit them to the outdoor areas.