06/27/2016 News

Future Cooperation Between the Memorial and its Russian Partners

The Deputy Director of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, Dr. Oliver von Wrochem, has recently met with Dr. Sandra Dahlke, the Deputy Director of the German Historical Institute in Moscow and Dr. Natalia Timofeeva, the Director of the Regional Center for Oral History (Региональный центр устной истории в г. Воронеж) at the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies in Russia, where they agreed on closer cooperation in the future.

The German Historical Institute in Moscow (http://www.dhi-moskau.org/) promotes the scientific exchange between Germany and Russia while the Regional Center of Oral History (http://www.historyvoice.ru) does research on Eastern European forced workers during the Second World War. Due to the fact that 23,000 people from Eastern Europe were imprisoned in the Neuengamme concentration camp, many of whom were former forced workers, there is a strong foundation for cooperation. During a lecture on memorial sites and their work as well as the culture of remembrance in Germany, which was given in Voronezh, there was an interesting discussion on differences and similarities regarding how the two societies deal with the crimes committed during the National Socialist regime and Stalin's rule.

Article about the Cooperation (in russian language):