03/04/2020 Archival Research

Following the Trail of the Dead Uncle

Marius Woltjer was 28 when he died in the Neuengamme concentration camp in February 1945. Less than nine months earlier he was arrested as a resistance fighter in the Netherlands. Following his imprisonment in Vught and Sachsenhausen concentration camps, he arrived in Neuengamme in October 1944 and was probably transferred on to the Husum-Schwesing satellite camp.

To mark Marius Woltjer’s 100th birthday, his nephew Marius de Gaay Fortman started looking into his uncle’s life story. He was the first child born into the family after the end of the war and was named after his uncle.

Marius de Gaay Fortman has since collected information and documents concerning his uncle’s fate in various archives and institutions. Today he visited the Neuengamme Concentratio Camp Memorial in the company of his two sisters and a nephew. He handed the documents to the archivist Christian Römmer and expressed hope that the story of Marius Woltjer would not be forgotten.