05/24/2023 Event

Registration for the workcamp now open!

Between August 26 and September 9 2023, young people have the opportunity to participate in the Refreshing Remembrance work camp.

Workcamp 2023 with a focus on culture of remembrance

This year the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial is again organizing an international work camp. Memories are fading, including those of Neuengamme concentration camp. The studypart addresses the question of how this can be counteracted. The focus is on the current forms of remembrance culture. In addition to examples from Neuengamme, examples from the volunteer´s countries can also be included. Experts on remembrance culture as well as members of the so-called 2nd generation (children of former prisoners and perpetrators), are invited for discussions. Experiences and new knowledge will be documented in the memorial's social media channels and in articles for the local newspaper.

What else is on the program?

The work consists of two parts. On the one hand, the various memorials on the grounds of the Neuengamme concentration camp memorial are to be inspected and cleaned if necessary. For example, the large plaque of the 1965 memorial is so weathered that the names of the individual places can hardly be read. On the other hand, the former administration building of the clinker factory of the concentration camp is to be renovated to make it usable for groups and more homely. For example, small holes and cracks need to be plastered and the rooms painted. It is planned to name the individual rooms in the building after former prisoners, e.g. Fritz Bringmann, and to provide them with photos, pictures and short biographies. Biographies can be researched and materials selected for this purpose.
There will also be plenty of time for leisure activities and get-togethers.

Good knowledge of English and/or German is required for communication, the work- and study-part.

More information and registration here.