Wedel (Women)

On 13 September 1944, the SS transferred 500 female prisoners from the Hamburg-Dessauer Ufer satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp to the satellite camp in Wedel. These Jewish women from Hungary and Czechoslovakia were housed in the huts of a former POW camp between Rissener Straße and Feldstraße.

The women were used primarily for clearance work throughout Hamburg. They were taken to the Elbe River on foot or by lorry and then transported on by boat to Teufelsbrück. In addition to clearing rubble, the prisoners had to load and unload carts with bricks. Some prisoners also harvested crops for farmers in Wedel.

The camp in Wedel was cleared again after just two weeks on 27 September 1944, and the women were taken to the Hamburg-Eidelstedt satellite camp for women.

The camp commander was SS-Unterscharführer Walter Kümmel.


13 to 27 September 1944

Number of Prisoners

500 Female Prisoners

Kind of Work

Clearance work

Labor on Behalf of

Hamburg City Council



Monument: Rissener Straße, 22871 Wedel, Germany

Directions by public transportation: From the Wedel urban rail station (S-Bahn), take bus 189 to the “Kronskamp” stop.


In 1978, the Association of Victims of Nazi Persecution – League of Anti-Fascists began calling for a monument to be erected to commemorate the satellite camp in Wedel. The history workshop of the local adult education centre and the mayor supported the initiative. The monument was dedicated in 1986, and it features a plaque with information on the history of the camp. The memorial complex was expanded in November 1997.


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