The prisoners who had previously been put to work in the satellite camp in Braunschweig (troop supply camp) were transferred to the Warberg satellite camp near Helmstedt on 5 June 1944. Eight men were forced to erect an office hut there. They were housed in a room with bars on the ground floor. In addition to the work detail commander named Schnitzler and the foreman named Laun, there were three policemen responsible for guarding the concentration camp prisoners. After the work was completed, the prisoners were probably transferred to the camp in Verden an der Aller on 8 January 1945.


5 June 1944 to 8 January 1945

Number of Prisoners

8 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Construction of an office hut

Labor on Behalf of

Not known


On B-road (Landesstraße) 641 between Königslutter and Helmstedt, 38378 Warberg, Germany