The Lütjenburg-Hohwacht satellite camp was set up in December 1944 in Hohwacht near Lütjenburg on the Baltic Sea. At least 197 men – according to a report from 29 March 1945 by Dr. Trzebinski, the SS Garrison Physician at Neuengamme concentration camp – had been taken from Buchenwald concentration camp via the Neuengamme main camp to Hohwacht, where they were forced to manufacture automatic aircraft and ship compasses in the relocated plant of the Kiel-based Anschütz & Co. The prisoners were housed in a camp of huts directly on the Baltic which had formerly been used by the air force. Three huts were used for accommodation, while four other were used as workshops. 200 Soviet forced labourers were probably also housed in the same camp.

The work demanded a great deal of skill. Most of the prisoners were highly qualified professionals, so they were treated somewhat better than the prisoners in most other satellite camps. The camp was evacuated on 19 April 1945 and the prisoners were taken to Rathmannsdorf on the Kiel Canal. On 5 May, they marched from there in the direction of Kiel. Their guards left them in Kiel, and the prisoners continued walking in small groups towards Neumünster and Hamburg until they encountered British troops.

The guards consisted of older Wehrmacht soldiers who had been assigned to the SS.


December 1944 to 20 April 1945

Number of Prisoners

197 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Production of navigational devices

Labor on Behalf of

Anschütz & Co. (Kiel)



24321 Hohwacht

From Plön train station, take the VKP (local transport authority) bus via Lütjenburg to Hohwacht.


At the initiative of private individuals and the Bündnis Hohwachter Geschichte (“Hohwacht History Alliance”), the municipality of Hohwacht erected a memorial stone and plaque on the site of the former satellite camp on 7 November 1999.


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