Düssin (Mecklenburg)

Between 15 September 1944 and 1 March 1945, a satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp was located in Düssin in the Mecklenburg region. Around 80 men were forced to carry out agricultural work on a country estate there. The prisoners were housed in an outbuilding on the estate but had no contact with the estate employees. According to reports from former prisoners, the living and working conditions in the camp were comparatively bearable, but one prisoner is reported to have died. The men imprisoned in Düssin were transferred to the Hamburg-Spaldingstraße satellite camp on 1 March 1945.


15 September 1944 to 1 March 1945

Number of Prisoners

80 Male Prisoners

Kind of Work

Agricultural work on a country estate

Labor on Behalf of



An der Kreisstraße 17, Düssin (19273 Brahlstorf), Germany, (between Boizenburg and Hagenow)