Braunschweig (SS Riding School)

Very little is known about the satellite camp for women in Braunschweig. According to reports from survivors, around 800 women – mostly Jews from Hungary – were taken to the camp shortly before Christmas 1944. They were housed in the stables which had held the horses of the SS-Führerschule ("SS Officers' School"). The women had come from the women's camp at Bergen-Belsen, to which they had probably been "evacuated" from Auschwitz-Birkenau in the autumn of 1944. In the final months of the war, they were used to clear rubble in Braunschweig. In late January 1945, 50 sick women were transported out of the camp, and the SS divided up the remaining prisoners probably in mid-February 1945. A smaller group consisting of very sick and weak women was transported to the Salzgitter-Watenstedt/Leinde satellite camp for women, while the larger group was taken to the Helmstedt-Beendorf camp.

Though the camp at the SS Riding School existed for only about 10 weeks, the death rate was comparatively high for a women's satellite camp of Neuengamme. Between 24 January and 24 February 1945, 17 women known by name died.

The name of the commander of the Braunschweig (SS Riding School) satellite camp for women is not known.


December 1944 to 25 February 1945

Number of Prisoners

800 Female Prisoners

Kind of Work

Rubble clearance

Labor on Behalf of

Braunschweig City Council



Grounds between Salzdahlumer, Schefflerstraße and Steigertahlstraße, 38126 Braunschweig, Germany.

Schefflerstraße 2/ Hans-Porner-Straße 20 


None, but 2012 an information sign has been built.

The building of the riding school still exists. In accordance with a contemporary witness the women were placed in this building.


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