Foto mit einem Blick ins ehemalige Häftlingslager des KZ Neuengamme. Im Hintergrund ein ehemaliges Häftlingsgebäude, in der sich die Hauptausstellung befindet. Foto: Michael Kottmeier, 2005.
View of the former prisoners’ compound of Neuengamme concentration camp. The main exhibition is now housed in the former prisoners’ barracks in the background. Photograph: Michael Kottmeier, 2005. (ANg 2014-453) (ANg 2014-453)


When the city of Hamburg released the entire compound of the former Neuengamme concentration camp to the Memorial in 2001–2002, the grounds were redeveloped and exhibitions redesigned. As of 2005, the Memorial encompasses the entire historic site of the camp, with information panels spread out over the grounds and five permanent exhibitions in several languages.

The following memorials also belong to the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial and are located in different parts of Hamburg: the Bullenhuser Damm Memorial and Rose Garden for the Children of the Bullenhuser Damm in Rothenburgsort, the Poppenbüttel Prefabricated Building Memorial in Poppenbüttel, and the Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp and Penal Facility 1933–1945 Memorial in Fuhlsbüttel.