A school class at the former brickworks Photo: KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme (ÖA), 2017.

Particular Projects

Talks with contemporary witnesses and relatives

Personal encounters with survivors of the concentration camps are a poignant way of getting young people interested in the fate of those who were persecuted by the Nazi regime. These talks with contemporary witnesses are aimed first and foremost at school classes and youth groups; sadly, due to the advanced age of the survivors, the talks can no longer be scheduled on a regular basis. That is why we also organise talks with relatives of the survivors. All the latest information about these events can be found under the rubric What’s On or in our Newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Youth Exchanges

Youth exchange projects are organised at the Memorial Site every year. They are often bi- or tri-national youth projects that focus on country-specific aspects. Young people from all over the world travel to attend these international projects such as the annual international work camps, spending a fortnight on site studying the history of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp. And every two years the Hamburg Youth Fire Brigade offers a three-day exchange on the grounds of the Memorial.
All the latest information about these youth projects can be found under the rubric What’s On.

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