Foto der Ausstellung im Flur des Studienzentrums. Foto: KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, 2013.
Exhibition in the hallway of the Centre for Historical Studies. Photograph: Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, 2013. (ANg 2014-536)

Learning Facilities

Centre for Historical Studies

The Centre for Historical Studies at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial has several conference and class rooms, a film room, a media centre with computers, a workshop, a kitchen and dining rooms. More conference and class rooms are located in the main exhibition and in the Open Archive, which is located in the former SS garages. All rooms can be used by school classes or youth/adult groups for the educational programmes offered by the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial. The rooms of the Centre for Historical Studies can be rented by external groups as well.

We can provide your group with pin boards, a moderation tool kit and flipcharts. If needed, we can provide a laptop for presentations as well as a projector and screen.

Exhibitions of various sizes, including school and youth exchange projects and travelling exhibitions, can be shown in selected seminar rooms in the Centre for Historical Studies, the lobby of the main exhibition and in the Open Archive. These can be exhibited on roller banner stands or hung on walls using a flexible display system.

Open Archive

The Open Archive is a knowledge centre that offers visitors the opportunity to research and explore issues in more depth – for example, as part of a Project Day. Visitors can search the collection of books, images, exhibition content, texts and short films as well as a digital version of the death register and map of the camp on one of the archive’s four computer terminals. There are also several study desks available.

The Open Archive is located next to the research exhibition “The Camp SS” in the rooms of the former SS garages. Opening hours are the same as for exhibitions. Part of the Open Archive’s collection is also available online at: