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Three other memorials affiliated with the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial are located in various parts of Hamburg:

Bullenhuser Damm Memorial and Rose Garden for the Children  of Bullenhuser Damm

Fuhlsbttel Concentration Camp and Penal Facilities 1933?1945 Memorial

Poppenbttel Prefabricated Building Memorial

These memorials are situated at the sites of former satellite camps of Neuengamme concentration camp. From 1942, the Ministry of Armament and the armaments industry increasingly demanded the use of concentration camp prisoners as labourers. This led to the establishment of a large number of satellite camps in the vicinity of production and construction sites, most of which were set up during the last year of the war. By 1945, Neuengamme concentration camp had 86 satellite camps in northern Germany, including Hamburg. The Hamburg satellite camps included the school building at Bullenhuser Damm, parts of the Fuhlsbttel penal facilities and the women's satellite camp at Sasel.

Following years of public debate, memorials were finally established at these sites starting in the 1980s. These memorials are the result of the dedication of a large number of individuals and various initiatives.

Branches of the Neuengamme Memorial in Hamburg.
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