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The new permanent exhibitions at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial opened on May 4, 2005. In addition to the main exhibition entitled "Traces of History: Neuengamme Concentration Camp 1938–1945 and its Post-war History", there is a research exhibition entitled "Posted to Neuengamme Concentration Camp: The Camp SS" and two supplementary exhibitions on "Mobilisation for the Wartime Economy: Concentration Camp Prisoners as Slave Labourers in Armaments Production" and "Labour and Extermination: Concentration Camp Prisoners as Slave Labourers in Brick Production". All of the exhibitions are housed in buildings which were erected during the site's use as a concentration camp. When the penal facility which had occupied large parts of the grounds was closed down and the site was redesigned, some buildings were partially restored to their 1945 state and set up to house the exhibitions.

Opening hours

Model of the camp in the main exhibition.
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