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Lüneburg (Massacre on 11 April 1945)

On 7 April 1945, a train carrying around 400 prisoners from the Wilhelmshaven satellite camp (Alter Banter Weg) who were “unable to march” was attacked by Allied bombers at the Lüneburg railway station. At least 256 prisoners died in the attack. The survivors were rounded up in a field. The next day, the SS took around 140 of them to Bergen-Belsen. The remaining 60 to 80 prisoners, some of whom were injured, were murdered on 11 April 1945 in Lüneburg by the Wehrmacht soldiers who were guarding them and the single remaining SS officer, Gustav Alfred Jepsen. 


7 April 1945 to 11 April 1945

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Lüneburg (Massacre on 11 April 1945)

memorial at the zoological garden (Lüneburg)

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