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Porta Westfalica-Hausberge (Men)

In the autumn of 1944, concentration camp prisoners from the Neuengamme main camp were taken to Porta Westfalica in order to set up the new Hausberge satellite camp and establish production facilities for the Philips-Valvo radio valve company in the Jakobsberg hill. The exact number of prisoners is not known, but according to a report from 29 March 1945 by Dr. Trzebinski, the SS Garrison Physician at Neuengamme concentration camp, there were 172 male prisoners working in this satellite camp on 25 March 1945.

The Hausberge satellite camp, which consisted of wooden huts, was located at the corner of Frettholzweg and Mindener Weg. Only a guard house remains today. On 1 April 1945, the prisoners were evacuated. They were taken on various transports via the Schandelah, Fallersleben and Helmstedt-Beendorf satellite camps and finally arrived at the “reception camp” in Wöbbelin in mid-April. They were liberated there by American troops on 2 May. The name of the SS camp commander in Porta Westfalica-Hausberge is not known.


Autumn 1944 to 1 April 1945

Number of prisoners

170 men

Kind of work 

Construction of camp and production facilities

Slave labour on behalf of


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