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It was probably in December 1944 that 600 to 700 prisoners from the Bremen-Blumenthal satellite camp were housed in the Schützenhof satellite camp located between the railway embankment and Bromberger Straße. These prisoners had previously been taken each day by ship to Deschimag's "AG Weser" shipyard in Gröpelingen to work. The grounds had originally belonged to the local rifle association, but they had been seized at the start of the war and used as an assembly point for Sinti and Roma in Bremen prior to their deportation to the east, and then as a camp for 250 prisoners from the 2nd SS Construction Brigade in 1942/43.

The prisoners were initially used exclusively to manufacture submarine parts and construct the "Hornisse" submarine bunker. As the need for workers at the shipyard declined towards the end of the war when materials became scarce, some of the prisoners were deployed to clear rubble in Bremen.

The largest group of prisoners was made up of around 400 Jews from Hungary, though there were also large groups of political prisoners from Belgium, France, Poland and the Soviet Union. According to a report from 29 March 1945 by the SS Garrison Physician in Neuengamme, Dr. Trzebinski, there were still 582 male concentration camp prisoners in the Bremen-Schützenhof satellite camp on 25 March 1945. Over 250 prisoners died as a result of the terrible conditions at the camp.

Between 7 and 9 April, the prisoners were transferred from the Blumenthal camp to the Bremen-Farge satellite camp, which served as an assembly camp for all male concentration camp prisoners in the Bremen region. The prisoners who were "able to march" were forced to walk to Bremervörde, where they were loaded onto cattle cars and taken back to Neuengamme main camp via Winsen/Luhe. Other prisoners were taken on foot or by train directly to the Sandbostel POW camp near Bremervörde. The Jewish prisoners in the Blumenthal camp were transported directly to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Nothing is known about the SS leadership or guards at the satellite camp.


December 1944 to 7 or 9 April 1945

Number of prisoners

700 men

Kind of work 

Shipyard and clearance work

Slave labour on behalf of

Deutsche Schiffs- und Maschinenbau AG (Deschimag), Krupp Group

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