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The 2nd SS Construction Brigade was moved out of Bremen in April 1944. A few months later, 500 Jewish women from Hungary and 300 from Poland were housed in the stables of the Hindenburgkaserne ("Hindenburg barracks") on Boßdorfstraße. The women had been selected for work in the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp and transported to Bremen in two groups. The 500 Hungarian women reached the city on 2 August 1944, while the Polish women arrived at the end of August 1944. They were used to clear rubble after bombing raids on the city. On 26 September 1944, the Hindenburgkaserne was hit by Allied bombs. Two sick women who had been left in the stables died during this air-raid. The remaining prisoners were transferred to the Bremen-Obernheide camp on the same day.

The commander of the Bremen-Hindenburgkaserne satellite camp was initially SS-Unterscharführer Peter Pittmann, followed in mid-September 1944 by SS-Hauptscharführer Johann Hille.


2 August 1944 to 26 September 1944

Number of prisoners

800 women

Kind of work 

Clearance work

Slave labour on behalf of

Bremen City Council

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