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History of the site

The school at Bullenhuser Damm

At Neuengamme concentration camp, SS doctor Kurt Heißmeyer carried out tuberculosis experiments on prisoners. In November 1944, he brought 20 Jewish children - ten boys and ten girls - to Neuengamme from Auschwitz concentration camp. The children were chaperoned by two French prisoner doctors, Professor René Quenouille and Professor Gabriel Florence, and two Dutch nurses, Anton Hölzel and Dirk Deutekom. A few days before the end of the war, the SS leadership ordered the children and their four chaperones to be brought to a school building in bombed-out Rothenburgsort, which had been used as a satellite camp from October 1944 to mid-April 1945. There, they were murdered to conceal the crime. In the night of 20 April 1945, they were hanged in the cellar of the former school on Bullenhuser Damm by SS men. A few hours later, 24 Soviet prisoners were also murdered there.



The school at Bullenhuser Damm was used as a satellite camp of Neuengamme until 1945. On 20 April 1945, 20 Jewish children who had been deported to Neuengamme were murdered there. (ANg)
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